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Shanghai Port

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The Port of Shanghai is China’s most populous city, the world’s second busiest seaport, and one of the world’s largest cities by area. Located on the mouth of the Yangtze River in east central China off the East China Sea, the Port of Shanghai is a municipality with province status in the People’s Republic of China. The Port of Shanghai is about 421 kilometers southeast of the Port of Lianyungang and about 430 nautical miles north of the Port of Taipeiin Taiwan. The Port of Shanghai is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In 2002, over 16.2 million people lived in the Port of Shanghai municipality.

Each month, over two thousand container ships leave the Port of Shanghai carrying their cargo to the world’s major continents and markets. Containers are the heart of the Port of Shanghai’s business.

The world’s busiest seaport is a much contested award, partly because there is no agreed upon method by which to measure port performance and traffic. Either the TEU or ‘twenty-foot equivalent unit’ is used, which evaluates the number of standard 6.1 meter long shipping containers passing through the port. Another method is the measuring the weight of the cargo volume. Fortunately this debacle has finally been cleared up with Shanghai surpassing all other ports using both measures of evaluation to become the busiest port in the world in 2010. Located in the vicinity of Shanghai, the busiest container port for freight shipping is both a deep-sea and river port. Container traffic at the Shanghai port exceeded 29.05 million TEU, as reported by the government in a media release in 2010. The increase in traffic comes is no surprise, since China continues to increase export good and international trade. This figure way surpasses Singapore’s traffic volumes by 500,000 TEUs, previous world’s busiest seaport. In terms of tonnes of cargo Shanghai handled 561.1 million; yet another example of China’s rising economy. According to figures, the Chinese economy expanded by a massive 10% in 2010, which greatly contributed to the growth of the port. Another contributing factor was the hosting of the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, a $44 billion dollar event that attracted over 73 million visitors to the city over a period of six months. With regards to air and sea freight in general, East Asia comes out tops. Shanghai is home to the world’s third busiest airport by cargo traffic, whilst Hong Kong comes in first. In fact, in the top most busiest ports in the world 2010, seven out of ten ports were in mainland China, nine out of ten in Asia leaving only one space for the European port of Rotterdam.

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